What is 100 FOR 100?

100 FOR 100 is a commitment to run 100 km to save 100 animals.

Have you heard of the 100for100.me Movement yet?



100for100.me movement is YOUR opportunity to get in shape while joining a great cause!

100for100.me movement is running 100 km to save 100 animals!

This movement was founded by Andrea Kladar, a Chartered Investment Manager in Calgary, AB, who committed to running 100 km in under 12 hours on May 11, 2013 on Vancouver Island. Andrea has committed to raising $10,000 to save 100 animals for three charities: AARCS, Pound Rescue and RASTA.
She subsequently completed this endeavor by placing 1st for women under 40 and raising over $14,000 for helpless animals. 


YOU can be one of the 100 people to join the movement by entering one of the following three levels:

Level 1 – Kitten Level

You commit to running or walking 100 km over a three month period (that’s just over 1 km per day! Most people who walk their dog every day cover about 2 km per day). During this time you must raise a minimum of $100 to save an animal and live vegan.

Level 2 – Doggie Level

You commit to running or walking 100 km over a two month period. During this time you must raise a minimum of $100 to save an animal and live vegan.

Level 3 – Donkey Level

You commit to running or walking 100 km over a one month period. During this time you must raise a minimum of $100 to save an animal and live vegan.


You will get your very own fundraising page that you can email to your friends and family and inform them of the crazy endeavor you committed to.

Every successful member (a successful member is one who raises at least $100 for charity and runs/walks 100 km over the timeframe specified by their level as described above) will be entered into a draw for lots of great prizes!

Of course, it goes without saying that during the endeavor to save animals, you will commit to eating a 100% plant based diet and living a vegan lifestyle – no buying of leather, fur or other animal products. Since we can have optimal health on a vegan diet it makes no sense to eat animals while trying to save animals. In order to qualify for any of the eligible prizes at the end, we will need to have a reference from a person close to you who can tell us how you succeeded in your vegan lifestyle. That person will also be entered into the draw for great prizes as a thanks for the support they provided you with during your endeavor. 

To sign up, please take 10 seconds right now to fill out this short form. We will get you started on your journey to great shape and great cause right away!

For more information, please contact Andrea Kladar at andrea.kladar@hotmail.com

“On behalf of innocent, helpless animals, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Andrea Kladar

100for100.me official contact:

Andrea Kladar I andrea.kladar@hotmail.com I www.100for100.me

100for100.me Movement

100for100.me Movement

How would You like to be able to get in great shape while saving animals? Here’s Your opportunity! Commit to running or walking 100 km to save 100 animals. YOU can do this too! Please click here to learn How YOU can get in shape for a great cause.

I will tell you how I did it but before you think “I could never do that” please know you have the ability to do more than you think you can!

Here’s how I did it:
I, Andrea Kladar, a Chartered Investment Manager from Calgary, AB, Canada, committed to running 100 km in under 12 hours on Vancouver Island on May 11, 2013. I subsequently completed this endeavor and placed 1st in the 100 km Trail National Championships for women under 40 and raised more than $14,000.

Growing up, I was not a runner or an endurance athlete. I remember not being able to run for even 2 min and the thought of running for a straight 12 hours was simply science fiction. If somebody told me that I was going to run 100 km one day, I would have told them they were crazy. Well, the crazy day came and my hard work and love for animals who need our help paid off. I started running and walking. I slowly increased the distance and while eating a very clean plant based diet I was able to do more and more. It also helped that I lost about 30 lbs after going vegan. My energy increased and my endurance improved. Sooner than I knew it I was able to run 5 km, then 10 km and then even the distance of a half marathon (21 km) and even managed to complete a few different endurance races. This eventually led to my commitment to running 100 km in one day. And you know the rest of the story.

The point is, YOU can do this too!! Maybe you don’t have any desire to run 100 km in one day but perhaps you want to get in better shape. Or maybe you want to be able to run a 10 K race, half marathon or a marathon. You surely want to get the best out of life and having a healthy, fit body allows you to have a great life.

Commit to running or walking 100 km over 3 months, 2 months or 1 month depending on the level you choose while raising funds for helpless animals. This way, you slowly get into running, gradually increase your running distance and get in great shape.

You help yourself and you help animals! It’s a win-win all around!

Again, for more information on how to sign up, please click on How YOU can get in shape for a great cause.

A little more background:
Many of you have asked me “Why in the world are you running 100 km?”

I do it because it’s the least I could do for animals.

Imagine a love so powerful and deep for a lost family member to spend months frantically searching for his family in a strange land, unable to speak the language?

Lost, alone, scared, hungry, thirsty and without shelter …imagine the fear of never finding your family again.

Would you continue searching barefoot in the dead of winter, your feet bleeding and worn to the bone desperately searching to find the ones you love?

Bobbie did.

Meet Bobbie, the Wonder Dog!

Bobbie, The Wonder Dog from Oregon

Here is the true recount of Bobbie, The Wonder Dog:

While on a road trip with his family in Indiana , Bobbie, the Scotch Collie/English Shepard was separated from his owners and lost.  Following an exhaustive search, the family reluctantly returned home to Silverton, Oregon heartbroken and assuming their beloved family pet was lost forever.

Six months later a true miracle happened:  Bobbie had found his way home!

Inexplicably, he traversed more than 4,100 km from Indiana to Oregon to shower his family with kisses and love.

Bobbie’s deep love for his family and home found him combatting incredible dangers, mountain ranges, rivers, threatening weather and predators.

The joy of his return prompted thousands of letters, news articles and a starring role in a silent film.

Bobbie with his owner.

But there was one more family member not present when Bobbie arrived home:  Tootles, his canine brother.  Sadly, Tootles had passed away after Bobbie went missing.   Tootles had been layed to rest on the family farm.

Unaware of his passing, Bobbie rushed to the bed of his canine brother only to find it no longer there.  Bobbie quickly sought out the plot where Tootles was buried and desperately began to dig and rescue his beloved brother.

Tears poured down all the faces of all those that witnessed this heart-wrenching moment making Bobbie a true hero, a legend and an inspiration to us all.

What sacrifices would you be willing to  endure to reunite with your loved ones, or bring your family member home again?

Countless animals are suffering today — in every community worldwide.

You can make a difference to the lives of abandoned, abused and hopeless animals.

Your commitment to Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) as well as Rescue and Sanctuary for Threated Animals (R.A.S.T.A.) will help bring them home — to a brighter and better place!

Join forces with those who have dedicated their lives to aid these wonderful, deserving creatures.  I do.

I am Andrea Kladar.  As an animal lover and athlete, I am truly inspired by Bobbie’s devotion and commitment to reach his goals.  I have committed to running 100 km to save 100 animals like Bobbie.

These unfortunate animals need our support.

Please join me in my endorsement of the two charities, AARCS and R.A.S.T.A., so they can continue to perform their wonderful work!

I’m striving to raise money through 100 FOR 100 to help protect these wonderful creatures so that no animals will endure excruciating pain like Bobbie did to find his loving home.

“On behalf of loving Bobbies everywhere, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” (Andrea Kladar, Calgary)

Your support makes all the difference to these helpless animals.

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.”

(Henry David Thoreau)

Don’t wait — helpless animals need you today.

6 Responses to What is 100 FOR 100?

  1. Mike Kolodnicki says:

    Fantastic !!
    A lot of personal time and effort to support a worthy cause.

    Good luck Andrea !

  2. Sue says:

    Andrea I am more than please to support you with the exceptional cause. Both rescue groups I support throughout the years even though I live in Lethbridge. The story is so moving and I cannot imagine how I would manage if I lost either one of my boys. I have just given to another cat fundraising cause, but you can count on me. I hope to spread the word and sponsor your run by the beginning of May.

  3. Uttara says:

    Hi Andrea! You are so inspiring! May God bless you with the strength and a loooong life to continue doing what you do for the animals! I’m not fit at all, but am inspired to run for the animals. Maybe I’ll take 2 or 3 months to do it. I understand I’d need to raise a minimum of $100 to do it. Is there anything else I need to know? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do and your time!

    • You’re so wonderful Uttara! Thank you for wanting to do this for animals! I’ll be a fun adventure at the same time. Please just send me an email so I can reserve a spot for you and I’ll let you know as soon as everything is ready to do.

      My email address is andrea.kladar@td.com.

      Thank you so much!!

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