Vegan Global Run – worldwide run for vegans

Would you like to show the world that vegans can be athletic? If so, join tons of other vegans from around the world for a global run on April 4, 2015 to show the world that eating animal products is completely unnecessary – we can have optimal health living vegan!

Here is the official registration page: Vegan Global Run

Will you run in your city? Will you organize an event in your local area?

Vegan Global Run

Vegan Global Run

Here’s an example of what we are doing in Calgary, Canada:

While each vegan can run on his/her own wherever they happen to be on April 4, 2015, Calgary is organizing a run to make it easier for Calgarians to make this amazing Vegan Global Run happen!

Here are the details for Calgary:

When: April 4, 2015, starting at 9 am

Where: Nose Hill Park, parking lot at 64 Ave and 14 St NW

Each vegan around the world will run in their local area. To make it easier for Calgary vegans, Calgary Vegan Runners group is organizing a run at Nose Hill Park (parking lot at 64 Ave and 14 St NW).

What: Run any distance from 5 to 50 km. 

You can run any distance from 5 km, 10 km, half or full marathon, or any ultra distance of your choice. Calgary Vegan Runners will run up to 50 km that day. You can choose whatever distance you want to run.

Details: You have two choices of registration

1. You can register with the official Vegan Global Run page here: Vegan Global Run. By registering there, you will get a Vegan Global Run shirt and a finisher medal. You will need to record your run via Strava or Map My Run apps to qualify as a finisher. A portion of your entry fee goes to one of the charities you choose at sign up. (after registering with the official Vegan Global Run, please also let us know that you will join this Meetup event as well at: Vegan Global Run – Calgary Vegan Runners)

2. You can just RSVP to this Meetup event without being officially registered with the Vegan Global Run page and join us for a run on April 4, 2015: Vegan Global Run – Calgary Vegan Runners.  There is no entry fee for this option and you will not get a Vegan Global Run shirt or finisher medal. But you will join us for a great run that day. Even with this option you will show your support of the Vegan Global Run none the less.

Please bring appropriate levels of food and water to last you during the entire run. Please check the weather report that day and dress for the conditions.

“Let’s make vegan global running history!”


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


Andrea Kladar

Founder of the 100 FOR 100 Movement – running 100 km to save 100 animals



About Andrea Kladar

Andrea Kladar is the founder of the 100 FOR 100 Movement who led by example and ran 100 km to save 100 animals in 2013 placing first for women under 40 in the Canadian National Trail Championships and raising over $14,000 for charity. Andrea is not a professional athlete. She is a war refugee. She is a daughter, spouse and friend. She is a godmother and philanthropist. She is vegan and a finance professional who lives in Calgary, Canada. If Andrea can take on this challenge, so can you! Join the 100 FOR 100 Movement today!! Go to to sign up now
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