About 100 FOR 100 Movement



Do you love animals? Do you like being in great shape? Do you enjoy helping others?

100 FOR 100 Movement is YOUR opportunity to get in great shape while helping a worthwhile cause!

100 FOR 100 Movement is running 100 km to save 100 animals!

The 100 FOR 100 Movement was founded by Andrea Kladar who led by example and ran 100 km to save 100 animals on May 11, 2013 (she completed this endeavor by placing 1st for women under 40 and raising over $14,000 for charity). Andrea is not a professional athlete. She is a war refugee. She is a daughter, wife, friend, godmother, philanthropist, vegan and finance professional who lives in Calgary, Canada. If Andrea can take on this challenge, so can you!


YOU can be one of the 100 people to join the movement by entering one of the following three levels:

Level 1 – Kitten Level

At this level of the 100 FOR 100 Movement, you commit to running or walking 100 km over a three month period (that’s just over 1 km per day! Most people who walk their dog every day cover about 2 km per day). During this time you must raise a minimum of $100 to save an animal and live vegan.

Level 2 – Doggie Level

At this level of the 100 FOR 100 Movement, you commit to running or walking 100 km over a two month period. During this time you must raise a minimum of $100 to save an animal and live vegan.

Level 3 – Donkey Level

At this level of the 100 FOR 100 Movement, you commit to running or walking 100 km over a one month period. During this time you must raise a minimum of $100 to save an animal and live vegan.


You will get your very own fundraising page that you can email to your friends and family and inform them of the crazy endeavor you committed to.

A successful member of the 100 FOR 100 Movement is one who raises at least $100 for charity and runs/walks 100 km over the time frame specified by their level as described above and lives a vegan lifestyle during the challenge (and beyond we hope!).

Of course, it goes without saying that during the 100 FOR 100 endeavor to save animals, you will need to commit to eating a 100% plant based diet and living a vegan lifestyle – no buying of leather, fur or other animal products. Since we can have optimal health on a vegan diet it makes no sense to eat animals while trying to save animals. 

To join the 100 FOR 100 Movement, click here now:


For more information, please contact Andrea Kladar at: 100for100movement@gmail.com

“On behalf of innocent, helpless animals, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Andrea Kladar

100 FOR 100 official contact:

Andrea Kladar I 100for100movement@gmail.com I www.100for100.me 


100for100.me Movement


15 Responses to About 100 FOR 100 Movement

  1. Mike Kolodnicki says:

    Fantastic !!
    A lot of personal time and effort to support a worthy cause.

    Good luck Andrea !

  2. Sue says:

    Andrea I am more than please to support you with the exceptional cause. Both rescue groups I support throughout the years even though I live in Lethbridge. The story is so moving and I cannot imagine how I would manage if I lost either one of my boys. I have just given to another cat fundraising cause, but you can count on me. I hope to spread the word and sponsor your run by the beginning of May.

  3. Uttara says:

    Hi Andrea! You are so inspiring! May God bless you with the strength and a loooong life to continue doing what you do for the animals! I’m not fit at all, but am inspired to run for the animals. Maybe I’ll take 2 or 3 months to do it. I understand I’d need to raise a minimum of $100 to do it. Is there anything else I need to know? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do and your time!

    • You’re so wonderful Uttara! Thank you for wanting to do this for animals! I’ll be a fun adventure at the same time. Please just send me an email so I can reserve a spot for you and I’ll let you know as soon as everything is ready to do.

      My email address is andrea.kladar@td.com.

      Thank you so much!!

  4. Marion Wlaschek says:

    I’d love to do that. Only started running recently. Still don’t get how this works. Do i have to ask friends for money or what? And how do i prove that i did the 100 Kilometer?

    • Marion, thank you for your question. The 100 km you run is tracked via a free app called Strava (there is also a Web version of it too – you don’t have to have a smartphone for it). Once you commit to running 100 km, your friends and family support you by donating to the charity of your choice via a fundraising page we set up for you. The fundraising page is set up with one of the large, well recognized fundraising platforms such as CanadaHelps.org (for Canadian charities), FirstGiving.com (for US charities), or JustGive.org (also for US charities).
      Does that help clarify a little?

  5. Myles says:

    How do I make fundraising webpage?

  6. veganintown says:

    Awesome blog! Thank you for all that you do for our Planet and the Beings on it!<3

  7. sammysfood says:

    Fantastic idea! I love it!

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