1st place in 100 km Trail National Championships

I literally just finished running my very first standalone running race ever and my first ultra marathon and won 1st place in the 100 km Trail National Championships (apparently it really pays to be vegan – ok, had to throw that one in there:-), please forgive my enthusiasm for the vegan lifestyle).

And all for the animals!! As a lot of you already know 100 FOR 100 was a fundraiser.

I, Andrea Kladar, a Chartered Investment Manager from Calgary, AB, committed to running 100 km to save 100 animals and YOU helped me reach that goal – you generously donated and got us to that $10,000 goal!!

Thank you all who donated from the bottom of my heart again!!

If you meant to donate and haven’t gotten around to it yet, there’s still a couple of days left. Please click the orange “Donate Now” button on the top right hand side of this page. Let’s see if we can get to $15,000! Thanks so much!!


Andrea Kladar




About Andrea Kladar

Andrea Kladar is the founder of the 100 FOR 100 Movement who led by example and ran 100 km to save 100 animals in 2013 placing first for women under 40 in the Canadian National Trail Championships and raising over $14,000 for charity. Andrea is not a professional athlete. She is a war refugee. She is a daughter, spouse and friend. She is a godmother and philanthropist. She is vegan and a finance professional who lives in Calgary, Canada. If Andrea can take on this challenge, so can you! Join the 100 FOR 100 Movement today!! Go to www.100for100.me to sign up now
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10 Responses to 1st place in 100 km Trail National Championships

  1. Amazing! You are an inspiration!

  2. Bita Moftakhar Howse says:

    Congratulations Andrea! You are amazing! All the best!

  3. michael alvarez-toye says:

    Congratulations Andrea!!! I am so proud of you!
    Much love and admiration,

  4. Sharon says:

    Wow- great job Andrea! And all the animals think you are wonderful too!

  5. Tan says:

    More vegan ultra success. Way to go Andrea.

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