Another reason to ditch dairy

In addition to the health concerns of consuming dairy, here is just one more (big) reason to ditch it.

Calf rescue at E6 by Gentle Barn. Beautiful story – it will melt your heart to watch to the end


About Andrea Kladar

Andrea Kladar is the founder of the 100 FOR 100 Movement who led by example and ran 100 km to save 100 animals in 2013 placing first for women under 40 in the Canadian National Trail Championships and raising over $14,000 for charity. Andrea is not a professional athlete. She is a war refugee. She is a daughter, spouse and friend. She is a godmother and philanthropist. She is vegan and a finance professional who lives in Calgary, Canada. If Andrea can take on this challenge, so can you! Join the 100 FOR 100 Movement today!! Go to to sign up now
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2 Responses to Another reason to ditch dairy

  1. Manel says:

    These are totally innocent baby cows and this is the time they need their mothers to be close to them and also to fend for them while having their mother’s milk. But because of the unkind ruthless humans acts they do not even have their basic rights to stay close to their mothers and to have the milk which they are supposed to have. What a cruel world we live in?? That is the reality when we live among the evil subhumans..

    • Indeed Manel. My heart breaks for those calves. Their lives are torn apart for absolutely no good reason – just so humans can take their mothers’ milk.

      And the irony is that scientific studies have shown that cow milk is very detrimental to human health.

      It’s so easy switching to plant based alternatives: almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, hemp milk, rice milk etc.

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